Outline of

Status of former YK

Change to KK
from YK

Merit of
Establisment of
New KK

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 Merit of TOKUREI YK

1. Merit and demerits of TOKUREI YK

Before you make a final decision to shift to KK, let us confirm the merits and demerits of current TOKUREI YK or Exceptional YK again. Once you shift to KK, you can not return to YK again any more.
You can never establish a new YK any longer.
After re-confirming the advantages for remaining as current TOKUREI YK, if you are still wishing to change to KK, your will is real.

The disadvantages of TOKUREI YK will be also reviewed at the same time.

2. Advantages of YK

ENo legal office term for Directors and Auditor
EPublication of Financial report is not madatory.
EAuditor, and CPU is not required even when the company becomes to a BIG Company in the law.
EThe deemed dissolution clause of sleeping(inactive) company is not to be applied.

3.Disadvantages of YK

EThe regulation of Restriction of Stock Ownership Transfer on its Corporate Article can not be changed.
EAccounting Councilor or KAIKEI SANYO can not be assigned.
ECan not be a remaining company of a merger by absorption, nor succeeding company of a division by absorption.
EStock exchange and Stock transfer are not acceptable