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Change to KK
from YK

Merit of
Establisment of
New KK

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 Change to KK from YK

1. Change of Company's name

Now, after the New Company Lawfs implementation, a YK can be shifted to a KK just by proceeding the gChange of Trade (Company) Nameh procedure.

To tell it more precisely, it is the procedure of gTransfer to a Regular KK by a mean of Change of Trade Nameh (defined in the Adjustment Law or SEIBI Law)

This means that the change to KK from YK that many YK owners were wishing to do gon someday in the futureh is now becoming possible to do with reasonable cost, less effort and at anytime immediately.

The simpler procedure above might be understood that all you need now is just to change the name of company from YK to KK because you, the TOKUREI YK or Exceptional YK, have been already deemed as KK legally.ost, less effort and at anytime immediately.

2. Two registration procedures in formality.

One thing to be noticed is that the procedures for Company Registration require two applications. One is gRegister of Dissolution of YK due to a transfer to KK by change of trade nameh and the other one is gRegister of Establishment of KK due to a transfer to KK by change of trade nameh. The applications are using words of Dissolution and Establishment, but the company is not actually dissolved nor established. It is only for a formality purpose.. Of course, the legal status of the company remains exactly the same after the transfer.

3.Expenses for the change to KK

Please refer to the following chart for the estimated expenses.
The items except 1 an4 are to be varied by actual quotations. They are just for your reference.




1) Registration fee to Register OfficeiRevenue Stampj


Incase of \3 Mil. capital

QjFee to Regis. Lawyer, etc

\60,000 |\150,000

Estimated.  For ref. only

RjCompany Stamps

\10,000 - \50,000

Estimated.  For ref. only

Company Certificate,

 Inkan certificake

\3,000 - \5,000

(company certificate.)
@\500(Inkan certificate)

TjGreeting card, sign board,

Depend on each case

UjApplication to Govft offices

Depend on each case